Organist: Darcy Trinkwon

One of the distinguished musicians of his generation, D'Arcy Trinkwon is acclaimed as a unique artist who demonstrates superlative artistry and prodigious talent at international festivals and celebrity concert series in concert halls, cathedrals and churches around the world - including solo, concerto and broadcast appearances, masterclasses and coaching.

Branded an 'enfant terrible' in his earlier years, his inspired playing exudes an effortlessly virtuoso flamboyance, passion for the music, and dedication to his art; it also demonstrates a remarkable mastery of colour and serves to prove that the organ can be an emotionally searching musical medium.

Respected for always giving more of himself than is expected, his musical scholarship and for encyclopaedic repertoire – one of the most extensive of any artist before the public - have enabled him to draw many to the organ as a true concert instrument.

His programmes - each tailored to the individual instrument he is playing – never fail to display musical integrity and maturity.

Alongside his concert career he is Organist of Worth Abbey (OSB) and Organist to the University of Sussex.

You can contact D'Arcy directly by email.