OrganMaster Shoes

OrganMaster Shoes
Designed with organists in mind, these light weight shoes come with soft leather uppers with suede leather soles with 1-1/4" (3 cm) high heel to help toe & heel pedal technique.

Typically these shoes weigh only half as much as a regular shoe and are designed to slim the foot whilst giving maximum comfort from soft fine leather and lining. These high quality, genuine leather shoes for organists make your pedalling both elegant and sure. The leather sole has a special finish for just the right amount of slide and grip. The matching heel is 1 1/4 inches high for legato playing of thirds. A steel shank gives the leverage you need for operating the swell pedals. Unlike using normal shoes, no breaking-in is required - the organ shoes are perfect for playing when new.

Ladies shoes with a strap and buckle design are also available.

Enjoy the benefits of wearing the right all leather shoe with features sought by organ teachers and students alike. Stock items will be dispatched immediately.

Please contact us directly by email at or call 01706 888 100 for all your organ shoe requirements; a visit to Shaw (OL2 7DE) to try them on and purchase would be ideal. Since these are available in American sizes and three width fittings, if you can’t attend, please trace around your feet as accurately as possible and provide us with the maximum length and width in mm as well as giving us your usual UK or EUR size and width.