Organ Accessories

Midi Sequencer
Midi Sequencer
The Johannus Midi Sequencer + has been designed to meet both the needs of churches which can't find a locum organist for a specific service and for those which don't have a regular organist, but want their services accompanied by the grandeur of an organ.

Using the simple interface your regular organist can digitally record a whole variety of music such as organ voluntaries and hymns onto the provided SD card. Not only are the actual notes played recorded, but so are any stop changes that have been made.

Playback is simple. At the touch of a button the organ will play back the piece of music you want, for example, a hymn tune with the appropriate number of verses for the congregation to sing. For churches where finding an organist is always a challenge, Makin Organs provides a service where one of our professional organists can record the pieces you want. So for example, your favourite fifty hymns and a selection of appropriate organ voluntaries could be digitally recorded.
Adjustable organ lamp
Adjustable music desk lamp
Adjustable organ lamps are available in various styles. This is ideal for either church or at home use to ensure you have enough light to read your music. Power for the light can be from an external mains socket or from within the organ console.
LED Pedalboard light
LED Pedalboard Light
Light up your pedalboard with an LED strip light. This warm and natural light is much better than traditional bulbs and of course has a very low power consumption.
Brass Pedal Shoe Surrounds
Brass Surrounds for Pedal Shoes
Old and tired swell pedals can be dressed up with a new layer of rubber and the addition of real brass surrounds.
Damp Chaser and Mouse Repeller combination
The Damp Chaser is a must for any organ which is in a cold building or one that has problems with excessive humidity. Whilst a digital organ will not go out of tune in cold, damp or hot conditions, there is a danger of condensation forming on the circuit boards of organs in churches which are not heated in winter, or indeed those where the heating sadly fails. This can lead to a hefty insurance claim or repair bill. Once a damp chaser is fitted, the temperature within the console is kept at a safe minimum temperature by an energy efficient low heat source so that condensation cannot form.

Recently we have become aware of a spate of damage to organs owing to mice deciding that a warm cosy organ console is the place to settle down and hibernate for the winter. Sadly, the image of a friendly cartoon mouse isn’t really appropriate as prior to them sleeping, the amount of damage they cause to wiring and circuit boards can be horrendous. Customers can then face a significant bill for parts and labour, as major organ rebuilds are required. As I am sure you will realise, such damage is not covered by our guarantee, and it is certainly worth checking your insurance policy since damage due to infestation is frequently not covered.

I’m pleased to say that we have another solution to help, where we fit an ultrasonic Mouse Repeller inside the console. This would remain hidden from view and, so long as the mains plug to the organ is left on, then mice will be kept at bay.
Mobile Plinth
Mobile Plinth
Sometimes a church needs the flexibility to move the organ console to different locations within the building. For example, for an organ recital it is ideal to have the console located ‘front and centre’ to enable the audience to actually see the instrument being played. In another scenario, the console may need to be located adjacent to a choir for a service, but perhaps removed altogether at other times.

The polished wood Makin Mobile Plinth is ideal in such circumstances since it is specifically designed to take the significant weight of the console, but with large rubber wheels it is easy for two individuals to move it when required. Brakes are an integral part of the design so that the console cannot move by itself.
Polished Wood Base
The 40mm thick wood base is polished to the same colour as the organ and is ideal for when an organ console is placed upon thick carpet by providing a stable and level base for the instrument. Without such a board, the console can slowly sink into the carpet at a faster rate than the pedalboard which can lead to issues of pedalboard alignment and potentially lost notes. Having the organ on such a base also makes the organ easier to move for cleaning.
Bench Cover
Protect your bench with a fabric bench cover. Designed to fit all our benches, these covers help protect the surface of the bench from damage which is often caused by money or keys in trouser back pockets.